Mr. Goldberg, Thank you for the recent service performed. The experience, as in the past, was what service should aspire to be in all industries. I really appreciate the ease of setting up the appointments and most of all the reminders. Hopefully, we will continue to benefit from the stellar service. The piano sounds great and we appreciate the exit number you played. Best, Jean-Bernard Poulard. As always, it was great to see you and to have my piano singing in full, sweet voice once again.

    Before finding you, I had rarely felt that my piano was tuned and voiced quite right. Since your very first visit, every tuning has been excellent.
    Lee "

    Leland Greenberg

    "Rich is always considerate of my schedule, on time, friendly, and completely professional. He works hard, efficiently, and the piano always sounds great after he has completed the work. I recommend him highly."
    Carol Bedell

    "Prompt and courteous service, as always. Excellent tuning! I had a problem with a sticky key which Rich assessed and fixed perfectly."

    "I met Rich for the 1st time last week when he came to tune my piano. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly, courteous, and pleasant he was. He was very knowledgeable and patient. I am very happy with my new piano tuner and look forward to working with Rich for years to come."

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    Piano Life Saver Certified Installer

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    Dampp-Chaser Certified Installers have taken a course and passed an exam to show the necessary level of comprehension to professionally install, service, and answer any questions or address any issues regarding your piano and the use of a Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System. I have installed over 250 systems in customers' pianos as well as assisting other piano owners who have previously had systems installed, and serviced their needs and concerns. I look forward to being of service to you for the first time, or again if you had a system installed prior to this notice.

    Here's Where You'll Find Us:

    Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning
    26 Taylor St.
    Terryville, NY 11776

    (Port Jefferson Station area)

    Phone: 631-928-6298
    Mobile: 631-748-0462
    Email: rich@keepintune.com

    For your convenience, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa).

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    Business Hours

    By appointment

    animated piano playerSchedule Your
    Piano Services

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    RGPT Referral Program

    RGPT Referral Reward Card

    Every time you can think of a friend or relative who could use our help caring for their piano, we will give rewards leading towards discounted and/or free tunings.
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    We welcome your feedback about our piano tuning services and our music.

    ECLECTICITY Released


    Rich has finally come out with his original tunes now available on ReverbNation. Click on Rich and Barbara.

    Rich and Barbara

    Eclecticity is also available for download at CD Baby. Individual tracks are available in our RGPT Store at Amazon.com.

    RGPT Store

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    Welcome to Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning
    Always Professional, Courteous Service ... Always

    Our Credo

    We practice a motto we learned from our elders many years ago:
    "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

    Old Piano Traditional skills, but still state of the art – that's what sets Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning apart. We always will give professional and courteous service ... ALWAYS. We give our customers savings in piano care and a secure feeling with a technician who has the best interest of you and your piano as the ONLY goal.

    “From Me to You”

    Here, for your listening pleasure,
    is one of Rich's piano renditions.

    From Me to You (A Song for Barbara)
    Song for my beautiful wife,
    who has made me
    better every day
    Music by Rich Goldberg
    Performed by Rich Goldberg,
    November 2005 at
    AP Music Studio, Engelwood, NJ.
    Produced and engineered by Joe Vulpis

    For more of Rich Goldberg's music,
    click here.


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    For any prospective OR existing customer in the Long Island New York Metro Market who doesn't have a Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System installed, I have a very special offer from Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning (a/k/a "RGPT").

    Have a new installation of a Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System and receive a free tuning on the same day. This is a savings of at least $100.00 or more, depending on your locale.

    The installation of a new system will give your piano years of stability for many more years in the heat necessary winter and in the hot, humid times of the year. Your piano will have less swelling of wood, less moisture problems that lead to mold on wool and felt parts, rust on the strings and metal parts, and expensive repair problems.

    The purpose of a Dampp-Chaser system is to give the piano stability so damage caused by environmental conditions is minimized. When the body of the piano is stable, (doesn’t expand and contract), parts don’t get ruined, no mold develops (important for allergy sufferers), and above all, tunings stay closer to correct pitch. IMPORTANT - You still need to service the piano on a consistent schedule!

    If you value your piano and want to enjoy using it for years to come, contact me for assistance and information. This offer is good until further notice.

    Harmoniously yours,

    Rich Goldberg, Owner
    RGPT & Rich Goldberg Music

    Office: 631-928-6298
    Mobile: 631-748-0462
    E-Mail: rich@keepintune.com



    We carry an extensive line of seating and accessories for pianos. Included are Jansen piano benches of various types and prices, piano stools, sheet music cabinets, metronomes, piano covers for both grands and verticals, and other assorted items that will change from time to time.

    We are no longer using an e-commerce shopping cart.

    For any products you wish to receive from Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning, please use the contact form to let us know what you would be interested in purchasing. When we receive your request, we will send you a return e-mail verifying the current pricing and shipping costs. If you choose to proceed with the purchase(s), you can pay via PayPal as per the instructions on the email quote.


    We offer tuning, pitch raising and lowering, action repairs, key repairs and recovering, factory-certified Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System Field Expert, factory-certified by Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc and Pianomation for service of computer player systems, and many other services. For those services we cannot perform, we will always get you a qualified associate to handle specific needs.

    Our primary service area is Long Island Metro (Suffolk, Nassau, and parts of Queens counties). Service outside of those areas may be arranged by appointment only. Extra costs may apply for time and distance.

    A beautiful Mason & Hamlin Model A made in 1929
    (Click picture to enlarge)
    One of the best piano manufacturers in the world
    A superb Steinway & Sons Model K-52 upright in mahogany manufactured at Steinway's factory in New York City
    (Click picture to enlarge)

    The Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano

    "When it came time to celebrate Steinway’s 600,000th piano, the company turned to furniture/interior designer Frank Pollaro (pollaro.com) who also designed the limited edition 'Rhapsody in Blue' for Steinway (circa 1996). His thoughts as he was asked for the challenge: 'Designing Steinway & Sons' 600,000th piano was an honor and a challenge. To me, knowing that this piano would become part of history meant that it had to be more than just a beautiful design, but also needed to visually convey a deeper message. As I considered the number 600,000, the Fibonacci spiral came to mind. The way in which it continues to grow but stay true to its form is very much like Steinway & Sons over these many years. Combining the universal languages of music and mathematics suddenly made perfect sense.'"

    The Steinway Fibonacci Grand Piano

    About Us

    At Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning, we pride ourselves on treating others the way we would like to be treated, and we always will give professional, courteous service, ALWAYS!

    We started business in 1996 after serving as an apprentice for 4 years with a respected piano technician, Joe Sciortino.

    Following in Joe Sciortino's tradition, we will strive to learn updated techniques and methods to give the best possible service. We have a network of associates as well that enables us to offer services by other qualified technicians, re-finishers and piano movers. Our goal is the satisfaction of all of our customers, which in turn leads to referrals of friends and family.

    Gus and me

    Gus and me

    (Click picture to enlarge)

    This piano crosswalk was painted by a group of strangers with no training but a lot of harmony This piano crosswalk was painted by a group of strangers with no training but a lot of harmony

    Richard Glaser was scrolling through a Facebook group for his neighborhood in Rochester, N.Y., when he came across a photo of a crosswalk in California made to look like a piano keyboard. Under it was a note: “Why don’t we have this?”

    Read more here.

    Prepping a concert grand to tuneThe lost art of piano tuning

    3rd generation piano tuner Seth Winter writes a fascinating account of piano tuning as a career.

    “So what do you do?”
    Everyone gets that question, but the reaction to “I tune pianos” is nearly unanimous: “Oh no kidding! A piano tuner!” People are gobsmacked this is still a job. But they’re always curious about what I do, if I do it by ear, how I got into the field, etc. Many friends have suggested I write about the lost art of piano tuning. And there’s plenty to write about. In fact, there’s an untold 200 years of piano service, plus a glimpse into how the business looks now. I’ll do my best to share what I know about this unique — although household — profession.

    Read more here.

    Eclecticity CD

    ECLECTICITY Available

    Samples from Eclecticity

    A Life-Size Grand Piano Cake | Cake Boss

    For those of you hungry to learn piano, well....now you can have your cake and play it!