Piano Covers

Piano Covers are available in a variety of styles, each of which is priced differently.

  • All covers custom made in USA
  • Patterns for all grands are available
  • Six types of material
  • Full length skirt on grands available (at additional 50%)
  • Swatches upon request

  • Vinyl – Heavy leatherette, bonded to a soft flannel backing (water-repellent). Colors are black and brown. Also burgundy, white, and sand at additional 10%.
  • Mackintosh – A combination of heavy water-repellent drill cloth bonded to soft cotton flannel backing. Colors are black and brown.
  • Standard Quilt – Economical quilted cover made from material that combines black nylon face on outside and white poly-cotton flannel on the inside. 3/8" thick and 4" square patterns. Available only in black.
  • Premium Quilt – Water-repellent quilted material which combines a premium grade black nylon with a 100% cotton flannel backing. 1/2" thick. Quilt is 4" patterns. Available in black or brown (additional 10%).
  • Heavy Quilted Mackintosh – Extremely rugged but attractive cover made from heavy mackintosh outside and soft cotton material inside. 4" square pattern. This is an excellent cover for schools, universities, and other large areas with public exposure.
  • Supreme – A truly remarkable material which features black tafetta exterior and luxurious grey flannel interior. Cover has a beautiful sheen and is very water-repellent. Available only in black.

To order a Piano Cover, please begin by indicating whether your instrument is a Grand Piano or one of the various styles of Vertical Piano (including Spinet, Console Upright, and Studio Upright). Click the appropriate link, and you'll be guided to the correct page for your type of piano. There, you'll be able to select your piano's size.

If you have any problems using our website to select your Piano Cover, please contact us with information on the make and model of the piano for which it is intended.