Dampp-Chaser HCS

Life Saver Certified Installer

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Dampp-Chaser Certified Installers have taken a course and passed an exam to show the necessary level of comprehension to professionally install, service, and answer any questions or address any issues regarding your piano and the use of a Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System. I have installed over 250 systems in customers' pianos as well as assisting other piano owners who have previously had systems installed, and serviced their needs and concerns. I look forward to being of service to you for the first time, or again if you had a system installed prior to this notice.

Field Expert Certification

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Dampp-Chaser Piano
Lifesaver System
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The Dampp-Chaser product line of Piano Life Saver Systems is meant to help preserve and protect your pianos.

Key Benefits

  • Stops damage from excess or insufficient humidity
  • Helps to keep finish of piano looking newer for a longer time
  • Increases the value of your piano, as the piano is able to stay in better condition for a longer time
  • Helps tunings stay more consistent and sounding better due the the stability of the body and all it's parts. (This does not preclude the need for regular tunings, but it helps the piano to sound better, longer!)
  • Stops mold and mildew from forming due to excessive humidity. This is a wonderful health benefit that is truly important for those with allergies and asthma.

Price varies depending upon piano model and type of system desired. Typically, prices for verticals are the lowest, except for vertical pianos with computer player systems, which requires a different version. Grand pianos typically have a higher price structure.
(For pricing specific to your situation, please send a request or call us.)

If you already own a Dampp-Chaser HCS and need a source for supplies and accessories at competitive prices, please visit our Supplies and Accessories page and order whatever you need.