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Here is a selection of supplies and accessories for your Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System (also known as Humidity Control System, or HCS). While browsing through this section, feel free to contact us with any questions about your Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System. If there is something you need that is not here, use the contact page to tell us your need.

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Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Treatment

7.5 oz. bottle of Humidifier Treatment for your Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System, a/k/a "Humidity Control System." The fluid will prolong Humidifier pad life, keeps the water tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build up. This fluid is a must for people who have hard water problems. Under normal use, this amount lasts for approximately 12 months for a one tank system and also the Rear Vertical system with two small tanks. For the larger systems in grand pianos with two tanks, use the larger bottle offered below.

Sale Item

$12.95  $9.95 On Sale! Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Treatment - Small  $9.95

Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Treatment – Large

Large bottle is 16 ounces – enough for two years for a one tank system, or for one year for a two tank system (grands). Save $1.05 by ordering the large bottle instead of two small bottles!

Sale Item

$23.95  $18.95 On Sale! Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Treatment - Large  $18.95

Dampp-Chaser HCS Pads

Dampp-Chaser humidifier pads are for your Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System. Please specify if you have a system purchased prior to 7/1/2003 and if so, which type of piano you have. There is a different set of pads for vertical or grand systems from that time period. If your system was purchased after that time, the pads are the same for all systems. You still need to indicate what type of piano you have and if the system has one or two tanks, or is a rear piano system. Don't forget to clean the small heater bar so there is no remnants of the used pads. Use a Scotch-Brite® pad (for dish washing) with warm water to clean off heater bar. Place pads over bar on each side of water sensor, equi-distant from side of bar. Make sure that pads retain water from tank (just about 2 to 3 minutes' time).

Specify if your system was installed prior to July 2003, and if so, vertical system, grand (how many tanks), or rear piano vertical system.

Dampp-Chaser HCS Pad Ordering Chart
Vertical System
installed after 7/2003
Set of 2 pads – $7.95
Vertical System prior to 7/2003
(tall tank)
Set of 2 pads – $15.90
Rear Piano Vertical System
Set of 2 pads – $7.95
Grand Piano
1 tank
Set of 2 pads – $7.95
Grand Piano
2 tanks
Set of 4 pads – $15.90

Watering Can for Dampp-Chaser Systems

The watering can comes in a translucent white finish with markings on side of can for water height. There are two different versions of the watering can: 1) systems sold after July 1, 2003; 2) systems sold prior to July 1, 2003. The spout will fit differently in the hose, which does not matter as the hoses are the same size. However, it is important to specify when your system was installed, and if you know if the system is the Short Tank, Vertical Tank, or Universal Tank.

Please specify if system is Grand Short Tank, Vertical Tank, or Universal Tank. The Universal Tank is the system sold since July 1, 2003.

Watering Can for Dampp-Chaser Systems – $25.00