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Piano Rewards

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I am looking for people who want to buy quality rebuilt pianos at a fraction of the cost of new ones. I will PAY YOU for leads to those who make the purchase. In other words, "you help me... and I help you". You can use the reward in any fashion you want, including donations to your favorite charities!

This is a great way to show support for those you care about, and at the same time, help small business continue to grow, and help our economy rebound in every sector of our country.

For details of the program, please download the printable, mailable Piano Purchase Referral Form (PDF).

Services Rewards

RGPT Referral Reward Card

This program is designed to help our customers gain quality piano service at discounted and no charge visits. We believe in rewarding our customers with loyalty value by offering services at discounted rates, as well as providing free service for referrals in excess of five quality leads. Quality leads are defined as those that lead to sales of a minimum of one tuning. Other sales will also be considered, and RGPT will make sure that all referrals are noted.

Every time you can think of a friend or relative who could use our help caring for their piano, we will give rewards leading towards discounted and/or free tunings.

A schedule of rewards is shown below.

Referral number 1:
For each referral that turns into a tuning of the Basic Tuning Fee, you will receive $25 credit toward your next service.

Referral number 2:
For 5 referrals turning into a tuning of the Basic Tuning Fee for each customer, you will receive two free tunings for the year.

Referral number 3:
For Dampp-Chaser referrals, leading to installations of full systems, you will be entitled to 2 free tunings per year.

Referral Number 4:
For referrals leading to either a client purchase of a new or used piano, you shall receive a 5% commission on the selling price of the piano (delivery costs and extras and sales tax not included in commission).

The referral rewards as listed above will stand once rewarded to the referring party. Rewards for referrals are not transferable to any other owners of pianos and not transferable if piano is sold or given away. Tuning rewards are good for 12 month period once rewarded. Any unused tunings will be lost after 12 months. All rewards may not be used to pay for prior contracts currently in force.

Rich Goldberg, Owner
RGPT & Rich Goldberg Music

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Eclecticity CD

Please click on this recording. It is my first, of soon to be more releases of music that I have written and/or rearranged, and I'm proud to share it with you. I hope you get enjoyment from listening, and that perhaps it can help relieve any stresses that bother you daily.

Thanks for trying, and a bigger Thanks for buying!