Wittner Metronome

Wittner Metronome

The fine Wittner Maelzel Metronome is a product of quality and appearance. Constructed with great care by German craftsmen, it features a wind up mechanism, a latch on the cover, adjustable weight on the pendulum, and the size is: 4-1/2" square on base × 8-1/2" high. Choice of Ebony Satin, Mahogany, Walnut, or Ebony High Gloss.

Wittner Metronome - Satin Finish – $168.00
Wittner Metronome - Ebony High Gloss – $230.00

Taktell Metronome

Taktell Electronic Metronome by Wittner

Battery-operated electronic metronome. Measures 5-1/4" high, 2-7/8" wide and 1-5/8" deep. Has black grain appearance, and produces a visual flash and acoustic beat, or visual flash only. Switch to change. Comes with 9-volt battery.

Taktell Electronic Metronome by Wittner – $79.95