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After many years of being around music, playing piano, keyboards and drums, I have my wish! I released my first album in 2011, dedicated a song to my fabulous wife, Barbara, and have been blessed with my first granddaughter September 2010.

I have had the support of my family, friends and many clients in my business, urging me to record my music and my piano stylings. Here is my first effort, Eclecticity, featuring varied types of music, giving you music to relax by, listen and just enjoy the melodies, backgrounds and rhythms of the composer.

If you would like to have this album in CD format, it will be sent in a jewel case with art work on the disk and the jewel case. You can order it by clicking the button below the player. The album will be made specifically for you, and will include information, the songs, and also a message, either to you personally or to a gift recipient of your choice, from me. (If you’re giving the album as a gift, I’d be happy to personalize it for you. When you check out, just use the Comments box to let me know the name of your recipient and what you’d like me to say.)

The album in its jewel case will be shipped in a padded envelope via US Postal Service Priority Mail.

Eclecticity CD
  1. Let Me Take You on a Ride
    (Lite Rock)
  2. Brazilian Nights
  3. From Me to You (Piano)
    (New Age, Classical)
  4. Latin #1.09
  5. Mystery of Life (Piano)
    (New Age, Classical)
  6. Gettin’ Up
  7. Impossible Dream
    (New Age) – Re-styling of Broadway hit from “Man from LaMancha”
  8. Up & Down
    (Lite Jazz)
  9. Can’t Find the Time to Tell You
    (Lite Jazz, Pop) – Re-styling of song by Orpheus from 1969
  10. Mystery of Life (Orchestral)
    (New Age version of “Piano” version
  11. From Me to You (A Song for Barbara)
    (New Age) – Song for my beautiful wife, who has made me better every day
  12. Yesterday
    (Re-styling of song by Sir Paul McCartney)
Samples from Eclecticity
Eclecticity CD
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Childhelp ChildHelp logo

This song was written to benefit Childhelp to raise funding for facilities on Long Island helping kids in need of services in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Long Island is a costly area in which to live and raise a family. As a result, many families are forced to work far beyond 40 to 50 hours a week. Due to a lack of consistent guidance and monitoring, children have difficulty in taking their place as productive citizens more often than those children with consistent guidance and support. For this reason, every sale of this song will result in $1.00 going to Childhelp. My goal is raise as much funding as possible over the next 5 years, and I want to give at least $1,000,000.00 over that time. Please find it in your heart to make this purchase and tell your friends and family this is one cause that so many people can afford to assist. I appreciate your support for this worthy organization.

Periodically, we will offer several tunes at no charge for download. These offerings will have no definite schedule, and can change without notice. We hope you enjoy this music. I have certainly enjoyed playing, recording and producing all of the music for you.