E-mail Reminder-newest at 12102009_html_4c0b2cd9I tried to come up with some snappy little stories about pianos and my business, but, in all honesty, couldn’t find anything worth writing at this time…these future stories will just have to wait!

The most important thing to me at this time of year is knowing that I have been blessed with people around me who I care about deeply and they do about me. My immediate family, my daughters in-laws and their family, my friends and my wonderful customers…I want to wish you the best of health in the remaining year and all the upcoming years ahead. I wish all my followers and subscribers the best for healthy and happy holidays and hope that your lives are filled with wonderful harmony in all you do.

I do want to promote my future blogs because many new subscribers have signed up to read my wonderful (?) scribblings and bits of information.  I am committed to bring you all newer and better information about the piano business, and want to help you by giving tips as well as relating experiences I have through my personal clients. I will report on scenarios that may be of help to you and references to repairs and adjustments made by me to offer you ideas on how to fix issues you may have. Have no fear…I won’t try to bore you, although I may succeed!  What I plan to do is give you information with a sense of humor and something you can learn from and add your thoughts to as well. Anytime you feel like expressing your opinion,  go for it!

As for the rest of the year, enjoy, be safe, be happy, be healthy (no, this is not a copy of a Cheerios commercial)… and may all your life be in great harmony! My toast to all of you…”May the best of your past be the absolute worst of your future.”  Happy holidays.  Write to you in ’14!

Rich Goldberg