Since there has been a rash of spam breaking through and causing problems, I have instituted new procedures for security to alleviate the unwanted comments from spammers. For anyone who is sincere about the contents of my blog, I thank you for your participation.

From now on when you want to submit comments, please first subscribe with the information requested, follow the instructions and then you will receive an e-mail after authentication. I will be checking the subscribers requests at least once daily, so it may be up to 24 hours until you get your e-mail verification. Once you have your subscriber details complete, feel free to add your comments and observations. Every post will go through moderation and require approval for posting. If you see your post was disallowed and you know it was an error, please contact me on my CONTACTS page with your information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Harmoniously yours,

Rich Goldberg