In response to an article on LInkedIn, I could not help my self but to respond to this lunacy. Another technician ran into a situation where Steinway Pianos would void the warranty on their new piano if a Dampp-Chaser System was installed. This goes way beyond all normal reasoning for this reason

I have been installing Dampp-Chasers for nearly 20 years, and have had no problems with them as far as ruining any piano. It is sad that some piano owners don’t follow the directions from DC, but that’s the way it is. It is even more sad for a major manufacturer to void a warranty for having installed the system that keeps the piano in better shape. In fact, this is unconscionable! I have installed systems on Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, Yamahas (with and without Disklaviers), and many other brands – more than 250 systems. The communication from Steinway that says warranty is void if DC is installed is utter craziness, and frankly can be legally challenged, considering Steinway had recommended Dampp-Chaser installations in the past.

The following link,, mentions many manufacturers who recommend Dampp-Chaser; the fact that Steinway is absent tells me that Steinway is not the same quality as in the past. The fact that pianos are greatly affected by regional weather changes can not be ignored. Here in the northeast, there are FOUR seasons that constantly change in humidity levels.

I know that I ALWAYS instruct the piano owner on the maintenance and use of the DC systems. I also leave them the printed warranty sheet from DC and hi-lite all the pertinent facts for their particular system. I also urge them to contact me with ANY questions about the piano care, including the Dampp-Chaser system. If you are careful and make sure that the customer acknowledges the instructions on maintaining the system, any problems with the piano is only from the piano owners doing. I do not look to put any blame on anyone, but if the system is installed and maintained per instructions from DC, there is no one else to look at but the piano owner. After all, do we , as technicians, have the time to maintain the customers systems on a weekly basis? I don’t think so!

Perhaps those customers looking to purchase a Steinway should be careful in their considerations if the warranty excludes the installation of the Dampp-Chaser system. Personally, for the upper echelon quality of piano purchases, I recommend Mason & Hamlin, which, in my humble opinion, is the best piano manufactured today. There are other wonderful brands, and I do not discount any other high end brands, but having been a Mason & Hamlin owner all my life, I am totally partial. Check all the specs for yourself, and then go play a Mason & Hamlin if you have not had the pleasure. Form your own judgement, don’t just accept another!

Harmoniously yours,

Rich Goldberg

Owner, RGPT

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