As life speeds on by, I notice that every day, something will happen that makes me take notice. Not something that I haven’t yet seen before, but something that gets my attention. Situations that occur make me think, and sometimes, I think of things that happened earlier in my life that didn’t make sense, but now I understand what didn’t make sense earlier! What am I talking about? Well…I’ll tell you!

I have been pushing the accolades of the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System for the past 19+ years with good reason; I own one for my piano and I KNOW what it has done for my Mason & Hamlin. The one thing I did not mention is something called “micro-environment”. This term, which I learned by taking the Certified Installer Course and passing the test to earn the designation, means that the Piano Life Saver System creates its own micro-environment that protects the piano, and ONLY the piano. To invest in a whole house Humidity Control System is an expensive proposition that takes expensive and constant care, often times greatly increasing the electrical consumption of your home, increases the use of water (sometimes bad to do in excessively dry areas that have water supply problems) as well as higher maintenance costs than needed, not to mention unpleasant service techs who make you wait for extreme windows of time for their arrival to your location to fix an issue that can be costly. (Wow, that was a lot of words, eh?) When you examine the possible options for taking care of your instrument, one must consider several factors:

  1. expense of obtaining equipment to take care of the issue addressed
  2. process of maintaining the equipment
  3. noise factor in using the equipment
  4. expense of maintenance – and last but most important –
  5. effectiveness of equipment to do its job.

When looking at possibilities to protect your piano, one has several options.
* Whole house humidification system – very expensive and not geared to protect your piano exclusively.
* Individual Room Humidifiers – makes noise constantly when running, and unless put in proper place for piano with correct amount of baffle to direct the humidity to the piano, is not effective
* A pot of water underneath the piano (yes, it was done in the past, and while it may have made a small difference from extreme dryness, could not keep a constant humidity level to keep the piano stable
* Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System (PLSS)– comparatively inexpensive compared to the investment in the piano, creates micro-environment that controls the level of humidity correct for the piano at the piano, not difficult to add water when deemed necessary by the system, and is not expensive to run or maintain. Because of the “micro-environment” created by the Dampp-Chaser PLSS, stability is the biggest factor in keeping the piano in great operating condition as dictated by its surroundings. Use of the Dampp-Chaser PLSS does not excuse the owner from regular care, but it does keep the condition of the piano from requiring expensive repairs and potential rebuilds due to neglect and a difficult environment. There are additional parts besides the Dampp-Chaser PLSS that aid the PLSS to work better in environments that have constant air flow difficulties, like houses of worship, educational institutions and large facilities that can not possibly control consistent airflow around the piano.

So, if you have problems with your piano holding tune, needing repair after repair, mold, parts breaking due to dryness, you owe it to yourself to look into investment in this wonderful product.

I look at this situation the same as any other when looking for help from a friend or relative about needing service from someone trustworthy—if you need a doctor for consult due to illness, you may ask a friend about who they recommend, or looking for a reliable car mechanic who won’t cheat you and do good work. It’s the same with a piano tuner who is reliable and won’t steer you wrong. I’ve been in this business for nearly 19 years, been around pianos for over 60 years, and do believe in treating people the way I expect to be treated. If you ever have any questions about the Dampp-Chaser systems, just ask, and I’ll get you the answer you need to make an informed decision.

Bless you all with great health and peace.

Harmoniously yours,

Rich Goldberg
Owner, Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning