Normally, I write about subjects having to do with pianos and related items, especially when it comes to care and maintenance. I always welcome questions about pianos and the concerns of piano owners about any subject regarding their piano or the purchase of a piano. However, this time, I want to speak of something different.

A few years back, I had designed my own website, which turned out to be a colossal mess. I used a store bought program from Microsoft to design and build the website, and then went to one of the mega hosting companies which proved to be as useless for customer service as trying to play a piano with broken strings and hammers!  I did research regarding web hosting companies and after consideration of several candidates, chose to start with Lexiconn, based in Connecticut. Part of the reason I chose them was based on the monthly cost of hosting and the ease of setting up automatic payments. When I called to ask lots of questions regarding their services, they were forthcoming with answers immediately and didn’t hesitate to offer help anytime. They emphasized that while phone support is not open 24/7, e-mail inquiries are answered within a few minutes, as there is a staff member available pretty much 24/7. I found it somewhat unique in this industry to have a company that does exactly what they say they will do AND within a time frame that is promised. This was really big for me, especially due to prior bad experiences with other companies. It’s really nice to see another company who cares about its customers.

After deciding to join Lexiconn, I approached a webmaster to design and maintain my website. In my case, I am very lucky to have a wonderful brother who, while never having built a website took the time to learn the basics and combined what he learned with his ability and what I wanted the website to become; over time, he continues his excellent work in maintaining the website, taking care of all aspects of changes necessary. As it turns out, my brother has continued learning because he chooses to be the best he can in this venture. The funny part is, he is a retired veterinarian, who due to health reasons, could not practice any longer. So, in searching for something to take up his time, and with my urging, knowing that he is a competent computer “nerd”, suggested he take up learning web design.  Well, as you can see, the website is easy to navigate, responds quickly and is user friendly. In trying to keep up with the times, many things in the “web world” change almost daily, and sometimes hourly or sooner. Some issues have required updates to various areas, and with the capable help of the techs at Lexiconn, this site has run flawlessly for the last several years. In fact, there has not been one instance of the site being down for any unknown reasons other than hosting maintenance time, which to date has been no more than a few minutes.

In conclusion, I do highly recommend that in the event you are looking for your first web hosting company, or to make a change, consider Lexiconn.

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