I hope my subscribers and their families and friends area all doing well and have enjoyed a great summer. September is now approaching, which means most of the children are heading back to school and the regular routines left behind in June. Parents are getting ready to get back into their regular routines, meaning that everyone will have tight schedules. I wish you all a great and successful year in all you do, especially my music friends who have pianos to play.  Remember, that your piano is an investment, and does require regular care. Don’t be scared to have your piano tuner/technician make regular scheduled visits to keep your instrument in great shape. The more you pay attention to changes in your instrument, and the faster you take care of any issues, chances are your repair bills will be far less than if you wait until something major shows its ugly hands!

I have also been blessed with wonderful clientele, and am now looking forward to expanding my practice as a great opportunity has been presented by a fellow technician. Sometime this September, my schedule for availability will fill up rapidly and my flexibility in scheduling will be reduced substantially. I urge anyone who needs their piano serviced in my area (Long Island Metro) to please book your service appointments immediately, even if you think there’s time. I can guarantee that scheduling after September will be extremely tight, and those clients who are booked in advance will be getting preferential scheduling time for any future service appointments. For anyone who needs to contact me, you can use the contact page on the Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning website Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from any and all who need my help.

Harmoniously yours,

Rich Goldberg

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