Many times in my 20+ years in this business, when approaching a customer for follow up service from the prior 6 month period (or whatever arrangement), I heard the customer had decided to wait, due to tight finances. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there and totally understand. Having had money issues for many years, I know what it’s like to make some tough decisions.

However, a while back I took a look at my own expenses and made a remarkable discovery. One of the expenses I accounted for was my cellular phone bill. After having been with the big name companies, and I mean all of them, I couldn’t help but notice, that for two smart phones with unlimited talk and text, but limited data, I was averaging $160 – $165 per month, depending on taxes and/or surcharges were thrown my way. Between some research I did online and conversations with a close relative (my webmaster), I found a company called Republic Wireless (aka: RW), which has this fascinating approach to mobile phones-“hybrid phones” that work on wifi for unlimited everything and then when wifi is not available, switches over to one of the major carriers for cell service with unlimited talk and text, AND you can purchase data for a reasonable amount. When I first joined the company, the phones were not too good, and service was touchy. BUT, since RW improved the quality of the phones they supply more than 1 year ago, service has improved substantially, and has been quite dependable.

I bring this up because, in my case, I was spending nearly $1,900 a year on cell service, and never used more than the data I paid for. In other words, I paid every month for something I never received. Well, needless to say, that had me quite upset with my decision to stay with those carriers for such a lengthy time. Yeah, their cell service was good, but frankly, there were bad spots with them just like everyone else. So, what’s the difference if you go from one to another and still pay far more than needed. When I saw the numbers for monthly service that RW was offering, It made so much more sense, especially as there is NO CONTRACT to keep you prisoner. Upon some recent math I did, I found that with RW, I am spending about $110 less per month than with my prior carriers. Obviously, this translates into savings of more than $1,300 yearly. Now, is there something you can do with $1,300 you don’t spend on cell service? I know something you can do—-call your piano tuner/tech and get your piano taken care of, and chances are, you’ll probably have money left over to save! Hey, what a concept – save some money! 

I was not asked to write this blog by anyone, and RW doesn’t know that I planned on doing this.  But consider this: when you’re happy with some service or product you get and enjoy the performance from whatever you have, you tend to tell your friends and family about your experience. If you need a doctor for something and don’t know who to trust, you often ask someone you know for a referral. Well, this is what I’m doing. I’m very happy with the performance and reliability of RW, so I wanted to let you know.

I always hope to get referrals myself in my business which I consider myself lucky to get. But, I work hard and always give my best. So, please keep in mind, when you need to search for funds to take care of your piano, look at your expenses. Maybe it’s your mobile phone service, or maybe it’s something else. But if you want to take care of something important to you, adjustments can be made. You just have to find them!

Harmoniously yours,

Rich Goldberg

I like Gus too!

I like Gus too!