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Piano Accessories and Parts

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Piano Services

RGPT carries a line of accessories for pianos, including piano benches of various types and prices, piano stools, sheet music storage, metronomes, piano covers for both grands and verticals, and other assorted items that will change from time to time.

The products we carry are all quality items, competitively priced and are backed by a promise of the best service and customer care possible.

For specific information, click on the links below.

We are no longer using an e-commerce shopping cart.

For any products you wish to receive from Rich Goldberg Piano Tuning, please use the contact form to let us know what you would be interested in purchasing. When we receive your request, we will send you a return e-mail verifying the current pricing and shipping costs. If you choose to proceed with the purchase(s), you can pay via PayPal as per the instructions on the email quote.

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The Dampp-Chaser Piano Lifesaver is a system to help maintain the structural integrity of your instrument, which, in turn:

  • helps give the piano better performance capabilities through being stable by controlling humidity changes in the piano's environment,
  • helps tunings to stay more consistent,
  • maintains a cleaner piano to stop possible allergic reactions to mold and mildew due to excessive humidity, and
  • prevents parts of the piano from having major structural defects for years.

Systems are available for vertical pianos and grand pianos, as well as pianos with computer players.

See the listing of products on the Dampp-Chaser Supplies and Accessories page.

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Computer Players

QRS Petine CD Player

We offer sales, installation, and service of QRS Music Pianomation computer player systems and PianoDisc Computer Player Systems.

Player pianos, in some instances, can also be made into recording instruments, and MIDI controllers, as well as unique sound systems for your home with RF (radio frequency) remote control as well as other customer features.

Contact us if you have any questions or interest about turning your piano into a player, or purchasing a player piano.

Three of the most popular players are from QRS (Petine CD and CD 2000+) and from PianoDisc (PianoCD). These systems are the least costly and have great performance records.

QRS Piano CD 2000+

Petine CD, PianoDisc 228 C/F/X and Opus 7 can play and record the piano, use CD and other media, and are excellent units to start a player/record system for your piano. Recording option requires a record strip and other devices, which add additional costs.

Contact us for details on how to get a player/record system for qualifying pianos.

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