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Dampp-Chaser HCS

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Piano Services

Installation and service is at the top of our list for these magnificent systems that save the piano structure from warping, cracking, swelling, rusting, and, as an added benefit, keeps the piano tuning more stable. The piano will still need to be tuned on a regular basis, but the tunings will be much easier and will stay better after the tuner leaves.

Another facet of this service is to help the piano owner understand how to maintain the system, and what is expected for warranty to be in effect. As part of the HCS service, the pads are changed every 6 months, as required by Dampp-Chaser for warranty, and at the same visit, the piano tuning is also completed. This makes it simple for all concerned: tune and service HCS at the same time, and you will avoid 99.9% of the problems that can cause major damage to your instrument.
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Piano tuning is done based on the time of year, the conditions at the location of the piano, and with understanding of how the piano will be used by the musician. Piano tuning is performed by ear (aural) and with a Pocket Reyburn Cyber-Tuner (PRCT). PRCT is extremely helpful for pitch-raising and pitch-lowering, (when the piano is not near the standard pitch of A440. As a courtesy, the piano tuning is also scheduled to be tuned at 6 month intervals, unless otherwise requested or agreed per contract.
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"Piano repairs" is quite a broad area of piano servicing. To be more definitive, here is a partial listing of the services we offer:

  • Actions regulated
  • Actions overhauled
  • Hammers filed or replaced
  • Keys cleaned
  • Key tops replaced
  • Sticky actions serviced
  • Key bushings eased and/or replaced
  • Inside of piano cleaned
  • Strings replaced
  • French polishing

For whatever service you need, please ask. If the repair is not within the scope of our capabilities, we will be happy to refer you to one of our many qualified associates.

Please e-mail for information on repairs you are interested in pursuing.
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Appraisals, quality rebuilt pianos and more...

RGPT can help with your appraisal needs for estate or insurance purposes, with professional, well presented appraisals.

RGPT can also help you acquire a quality used piano, and with that piano, give you a 1-year warranty, first tuning free, and other miscellaneous items required to further the enjoyment of your piano, such as lamps, benches, bench pads or cushions, music stands, music bags, and novelty items.

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