Our Credo

We practice a motto we learned from our elders many years ago:
"Treat others the way you want to be treated."

Piano tuning is performed normally with the aid of the Reyburn Cybertuner. Aural tuning is also done when deemed appropriate.

Piano tuning services offered are defined as:

Basic Tuning
Pitch Raise/Pitch Lower (also known as Pitch Adjustment)
Pitch raising and pitch lowering (also known as pitch adjustments) are two operations necessary in the process of stabilizing a piano's pitch, or correct number of vibrations per second creating a note. For instance, note #49, the A above middle C, should be 440 Hz, or 440 vibrations per second. When vibrations are not within a minimum range, an adjustment is necessary. Most of the time, pitch raising is needed when the weather requires heat generated in your living space. Conversely, pitch lowering is required when there is need of air conditioning. These needs are dictated by temperature, but even more dynamically by humidity levels. There are many times pianos which have been ignored for years may require several visits in the first 2 to 3 months to stabilize the tuning ("train the piano"). This is quite normal, especially in the colder climates where heat is a usual requirement in your living space. In either case, these procedures will incur extra charges beyond the basic tuning fee. Pitch adjustments can be avoided by regular service schedules and maintenance practices.
Concert Tuning (also known as Full Service Tuning)

Key Benefits

Piano keyboard with roses
  • Tuning on a regular basis helps the piano to stay "educated" to stay at the correct pitch level (actual sound of notes based on the "standard temperament").
  • Regular service allows the trained tuner/technician to be aware of the piano's physical condition. This also permits the inspection of the piano for potential problems, with solutions offered, and potential costs detailed.
  • Correct tuning procedures also aids in the development of the young piano student. As a student learns to play piano, he/she will become accustomed to the sound of his/her piano. If the piano is out of tune on a regular basis, confusion will happen when a student plays a composition on another piano that IS correctly tuned. If this happens, there are known instances where the music gets confused, and then becomes more difficult to learn, because the aural portion is equally important as the written portion.


RGPT is able to tune in a quick and accurate fashion. Tuning procedures are normally in the Long Island metro area. On occasion, tunings are performed outside of the Long Island area by special arrangement. We recommend a minimum 2 weeks' notice to schedule the necessary time allotment for travel and requirements of the customer.
Automatic Schedule
RGPT will keep all customers on a schedule agreed to with the customer. All contact to customer reminders of scheduled tunings will be done either by telephone, fax, e-mail or snail mail. Of course, if tuning service is required earlier than expected schedule, accommodations may usually be made without difficulty.