Upright Benches

Our Wood Top Jansen Upright Piano Bench is the highest quality upright piano bench manufactured in the United States. It measures 14"W x 29"L, and 19" or 20" high (depending upon the leg style—see image below). The upright piano bench uses the highest quality solid hardwood maple from the East Coast of the United States (which is known for its beautifully grained wood). The lid of the piano bench features a elegant beveled edge to complement the smooth seating surface.

Jansen is world renowned for their piano benches, and as such is contracted by Steinway, Baldwin and Yamaha to produce benches for their pianos.

Supported with heavy duty brass hardware, the Jansen piano bench features a routed-in music compartment. Compare that to most of the foreign imported benches, which only staple in their music compartments. Therefore, the wood bottom not only offers a sturdy surface for the heaviest music books, it also acts as a structural reinforcement for the entire bench.

How to order our Upright Benches:

After deciding which model best meets your needs, the next step is to select the leg style, which determines the base price. The final price you will see in the shopping cart will include your choice of color, finish, and upholstery.

First, please take a look at our convenient Upright Bench Leg Style Options chart .

Wood Top Upright Bench

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Upright Bench - Wood Top

Upholstered Top Upright Bench

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Upright Bench - Upholstered Top

Upright Bench Leg Style Options

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Upright benches are available in a variety of leg styles to match your taste and furniture decor. Style options are changed occasionally to satisfy the demands of our customer base.

To order, please choose the bench style, noting that standard finish is SATIN. Select your color from available choices. High Gloss is additional. Prices are reflected upon selection.

These pictures are intended solely to illustrate the available leg shapes. The colors as depicted do not accurately represent the originals. However, the colors depicted in the bench pictures are reproduced as closely as possible considering differences in monitors, graphics cards, color profiles, and color balance settings.

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